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Attention span.

September 7, 2009

I think I really do have the attention span of a cat.  I either forget about something (like this blog!) or I am doing too many things and cannot for the life of me find a way to manage my time better. I am prone to losing myself in things. I can concentrate at work because I know I have things I need to get done. When I get home, Im tired and hungry and just want to lay down and relax. What about planning menus? Exercising? Finding a way to save $$$ so I can visit where I grew up next year?  All that disappears when I realized how many tv shows we will be DVRing and then watching. I think I will have to start working out while I watch some of it.  I should put our tv schedule in google calender. Its crazy.

Anyway. I need to get ready for work. Its Monday. And a Holiday. And I still have to work!!!! Boo.



August 12, 2009

The 30 day challenge is going well. Ive been either working out before I get ready for work, or in the evening before dinner.

My next goal is to eat more during the day, and less in the evening. This will be hard because I looooove a big, hearty dinner.  Tomorrow will be the test.

I also have a couple of longer term goals: A visit to MN next summer, and a cruise somewhere in the next couple of years. A reward of my weight loss? Yahoo!

Day 1

August 1, 2009

We started (well, mostly me) the 30 day challenge with EA Sports Active (Wii). I’m extending it to 90 days to coincide with the 12 week book I have by Elle Krieger. I want to have healthy habits and take better care of myself, and eat right & lost about 150 pounds. I can do this.

So I got up this morning, did my 20 minute exercise (it was mostly upper body – I think I will have to do a DVD for lower body, as the leg strap does not fit my leg. Yet.) Now I am drinking water, some green tea, and for breakfast I am having 1 C strawberry yogurt (low fat of course), 1 medium banana, and 1/2 kashi go lean. Yum!


July 22, 2009

It’s that time of year – over 100 degrees out every single day. It sucks.

We did paint the bathroom! It’s awesome. Reminds me of a swanky club bathroom. We still need to paint the trim and cabinets, but that will be done soon.  We may need to replace the corner shower unit – the floor is starting to crack and then we’ll have mold and even more problems.  I think we should just buy a new shower floor and then put up a curved shower rod and hang a couple curtains.  Measurements were already taken, so I will have to see what happens.

The poor cat is at the vet, getting her teeth cleaned. Hopefully they will not have to remove any of her teeth – it’s expensive and I don’t want to think about the home care involved.  Poor thing.

Anyway, I just finished a giant omelet and toast. I should probably clean the bathroom while Temari is gone and then wake up Warren to help me clean the bedroom. Lazy bum!!


a break

July 5, 2009

It’s been a few weeks. I was on vacation, the a/c decided to stop working, and it’s been a busy month.  Things are slowly returned to normal, and that is a very good thing.

Exciting news! We are painting the bathroom. Warren picked out the color. Purple. Yes, yes, I thought the same thing. But he wanted something different, and he thinks it will look like and more exotic and not something you see everyday.  I picked the bedroom color (a deep ocean blue) so I guess it is fair to let him pick the bathroom color. It’s very easy to change in there because the countertop & tile are all a creamy white.  We are going to attempt, and I do mean attempt, a Moroccan style bathroom.  These are the colors, which we have in the bedroom already: 




I think I may even attempt to do a faux wood grain on the cabinets.


June 15, 2009

There was a surprise for me on the desk when I got home from work today. My sampler pack from Amazing Grass!!! I am so excited to try it this week.  Infact, I wish it was morning so I could make a smoothie!

Dinner tonight is really boring. So boring that I refuse to take a picture of it. It’s a burger from the bbq, veggie chips and a piece of muenster cheese. Mmm. Boring, but good. Lunch sucked today, so I am starving. I may have to have a hearty snack later.  I must remember to make lunches for the rest of the week with the left overs (while we have them).

I also need to make the tofu. Perhaps tomorrow.  With zucchini. Over pasta? Sounds good.

My good friend from Minnesota got married this past weekend to her girlfriend Val. We were best friends through most of high school, and had lost touch and then reconnected thanks to I visited her when she was living in Illinois, and we emailed for a while. She invited me to her wedding, but it was in Minnesota.  I wish I could have gone.   I want to say it was my work not letting me have the PTO, but it’s all me. My lack of planning and saving is completely at fault. She txtd me the link to the pictures today. Her dress is AWESOME. It made me miss my life in Minnesota more than I thought it would. Every once in a while, I get a little pang of homesickness.  I guess remembering my family, & friends makes me realize I basically disappeared off the face of the earth for quite a few years.  This past March, it was 10 years. TEN!!!   What the hell is wrong with me?  For a while, I’m sure it was the loss of my mom that made it hard to go back.  But wow. I am just laaaazy. I should plan a trip for next fall. I want to see the leaves change color!

early to rise, early to bed. Or something

June 15, 2009

I could not sleep last night to save my life. I think it may have been the diet coke. I have almost been off of soda last week, with on a glass or two with lunch. I had some last night. Bad Jen! So, I woke up late, am eating/reading in a rush, and will more than likely be late for work. Oh well.

This mornings breakfast consists of strawberry yogurt, kashi go lean crunch, and a banana. I think this might be my favorite. It’s simple, tasty and super filling.

I was hoping my  Amazing Grass sampler pack would be here by now. Or at least shipped! 72 hours! Sheesh! I want to try it now!

Anyhoo, back to the grind.